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Limitiess Vista

In April 2013, we participated in and experienced an artist residency on an old homestead in the middle of cattle country – just outside of Cooma. Using the Homestead as a base we set out to explore and experience the Kosciusko Region in Autumn.

Travelling through the Kosciusko area from Cooma to Lake Eucumbene then on to Three Mile Dam, on to Tumut and Berridale up to Charlottes pass, we found ourselves being drawn to the big vista’s and at the same time fascinated with the unbelievable details in the most smallest of things. We found the stillness and vastness of this region was a place to lose yourself in, spiritually and physically.

The high country is a place of endless vanishing points which leaves you with a feeling of smallness. You feel privileged to be in such a place and sometimes guilty when you paint an image; it’s like you take without giving. 

Our collection of works aims to give back to the region by showing the viewer the vastness and complexities of the high country through our eyes and emotions. 


                    On The Way, 2014 oil on canvas 100 x 100cm*

                Right, Left & Front, 2014
                oil on canvas 60 x 136cm

                        Snowy Mt, 2014 oil on canvas 45 x 60cm

                    Snowy Mt I, 2014 oil on canvas 45 x 60cm

                            Snowy Mt II, 2013 oil on canvas 45 x 60cm

                        Three Shadows I (study), 2014
                        oil on board 19 x 31cm

                    Three Shadows (study), 2014
                    oil on board 19 x 31cm

                            Kelton Quarry, 2014 oil on canvas 51 x 51cm


                        Kelton Quarry I, 2014
                        oil on canvas 61 x 61cm

        Kelton Farm, 2013
        oil on canvas 45 x 60cm

                                    Kelton Farm I, 2013
                                    oil on canvas 76 x 61cm


              White Caps II, 2014
               Monotype 17 x 30cm


          White Caps I, 2014

           Monotype 17 x 30cm

                            Lake Eucumbene, 2014
                          Monotype 17 x 17cm


                            Old Adaminaby III, 2014
                            Monotype 17 x 30cm


                      Old Adaminaby I, 2014*

                      Monotype 17 x 30cm



                                Old Adaminaby IV, 2014
                                Monotype 17 x 30cm
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